Los Angeles Classes

  • Computer Aided Drafting and Design
  • Wood Technology
  • Metals Technology
  • Englneering Design and Technology
  • Marketing
  • Sales & Service
  • Introduction to Film

Qingdao Campus

  • Journalism
  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Digital Photography
  • Film and Video Production

Southlands Schools International’s main campus , one of the top ranked private schools in Los Angeles, California, welcomes you to its three-week STEAM Summer School programs unlike any other.  Students choose from eleven courses taught with University of California approved curriculum and earn Southlands credit which can transfer toward graduation requirements at our main campus or Southlands diploma programs in Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao or Chongqing, as well as many other American schools.

In addition to textbooks, students will get hands-on learning in technology and skills to create movies, movie props, ad campaigns, sales brochures, prototypes and projects out of metal, wood, polymer, and so much more.  Students will go beyond the classroom and gain real world experience utilizing those skills.

In Metal and Wood Technologies, students will learn how Engineers work with machines and weld precision to cut metallic sheets, tubes, angles, as well as how to work as a team, shaping and joining wood shapes into a Little Free Library many will enjoy.  In Computer Aided Drafting and Design, students use advanced software to create designs they can 3D print or cut with lasers and shape into beautiful models. Engineering Design Technology, challenges students to learn a variety of techniques for engineering with diverse materials, including but not limited to soldering robotic electronicswelding and machining metalsmolding silicone and casting resins, laser cutting pepakura and vacuforming plastics.

In Marketing and Sales classes, students will learn principles and strategies which will be applied to edit video footage taken at Universal Studios, the California Science Centeruniversity campuses, and even from a Catalina Island to Mexico cruise. On the ship between ports, students will have class and time to work in groups, but also plenty of time to enjoy the water slidesshowsrestaurants, and other activities.  In Film Studies, students will analyze different genre of film from the perspective of an industry insider experienced in both acting and movie production.

And for those who want to experience one of China’s best summer beach cities, four additional classes will be offered in Weiming’s beautiful Southlands Qingdao campus, nestled between the historic cities mountains and the ocean.  Students will also get extensive time to film on location and produce real world productions in Broadcast and Print Journalism, Digital Photography, Film and Video Production classes. Alongside the grades students will receive on their Southlands transcript, student-work from all eleven classes will be displayed as personal portfolios on the Southlands website for future colleges to review.

Are you an ambitious 8th – 11th grader who wants to learn something amazing over the summer? Do you want a transcript and portfolio from a top-notch school whose graduates attend Harvard, Stanford and some of the top ranked colleges in the U.S.? And are you willing to visit Qingdao or travel abroad, July 22 – August 11? If you answered yes, then Southlands is where you want to be.