Our TED-Ed student ideas program provides a platform to our youth to share ideas, and participate in relevant conversations on a global scale. Throughout the school year, students come together on a regular basis to build on each other’s ideas.

Southlands Spotlight: TEDx



S.T.E.A.M. is an integrated philosophy of science, technology, engineering, art and math in an inquiry-based approach to student learning. Our rigorous program enhances critical thinking skills by providing real-world applications. Advanced math, computer science and engineering courses provide a solid foundation for the science and technology-driven careers.


Our Robotics program introduces the engineering design process in relation to electronics and computer programming. Students develop problem-solving skills using industry standards, and engage in technical representation and documentation of robotics solutions.




Science and technology courses are designed to challenge students to explore complex concepts and develop innovative solutions to contemporary problems using cutting edge technology. Students take advanced courses equivalent to their collegiate counterparts.

Visual/Performing Arts

Our visual and performing arts program challenges students to express themselves in a variety of art forms. Students choose coursework that ranges from fundamental elements and principles to engaging experiences such as, exhibitions, competitions, publications, productions and more in the creative industry. From concerts in world famous Carnegie Hall, New York to nationally recognized exhibitions, students are exposed to industry level ventures.

Southlands Art students excel in 2018 Art Competitions



Physical Education is the core that drives our Athletics program. Whether it is through organized sports or our collegiate-level athletic performance training courses, students learn the discipline of mastering their physical wellness. They also gain knowledge of life-long sustainability in physical health and wellness practices.