Developing Leaders Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Southlands Schools International is a private K-12 educational institution that was established in 1979. Our schools are located world-wide, fostering creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, character, and citizenship in every student. Southlands Schools International has been committed over the last 40 years to mine the gold in each individual to ensure that each student is successful. Our educational institution has become one of the most respected and established private schools offering a wide array of pathways that are founded in the STEAM teaching framework that guarantees to build the 21st century skills that make a student college-ready. Our school has a rich history of nurturing and meeting the needs of the “whole” child. Southlands Schools International builds and strengthens each student socially, emotionally, relationally, morally, artistically, and athletically to prepare him or her for the real world. Qualified teachers, who are experts in their field, partner with students to assist each individual to accomplish the academic goal of acceptance into their dream university. Southlands Schools International is ready to develop your student to be tomorrow’s leader today! 

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About Southlands Schools International

Our Mission

“Educating future global leaders today in excellence and integrity.”

Our Vision

We at Southlands Schools International believe that all students are created with the inherent capacity to learn and develop their potential. As an organization we foster critical thinking, communication, creativity, and leadership skills so that all students engage and learn at higher levels, becoming global leaders impacting society.