Glenn Duncan

Executive Director and CEO

In his previous occupations, Mr. Duncan pioneered marketing and brand management success for a number of companies, including a four-year stint in Melbourne, Australia as the Director of Business Development for Linfox Distribution Group. After working closely with an influential person, he became inspired to enter the field of contemporary education, which eventually led him to Southlands. It is Mr. Duncan’s opus to raise up global leaders who will become agents of change in society.


Brandon Shultz


I’ve had the privilege of serving alongside an incredible team at Southlands Schools International since 2007. We are committed to seeing meaningful educational opportunities impact the individual lives of students around the globe. I’m proud to say we are seeing tremendous growth and impact towards this end as SSI grows and develops meaningful programs internationally.

When we launched the first overseas satellite program in China in 2009, we had a vision to see American college preparatory education made available to students who previously did not have access. Since that time, thousands of students in different SSI locations have received this type of education and have had doors opened for them at top U.S. and global universities. Many have gone on to earn graduate degrees at Ivy League schools and are now in the workforce, making a meaningful impact on society. Our vision is to provide education that equips and empowers tomorrow’s leaders to lead society to a better place. We are seeing this vision become a reality through SSI’s global partnerships. As we look forward to developing many more international partnerships and satellite campuses, we are
xcited to promote this cause around the world.


Sue Yoon

SSI Principal/ Education Director

Sue Yoon has a BA from Biola University in Education and Sociology and received her MA in Education and Curriculum/Instruction. She has been a part of Southlands Christian Schools for 29 years; at an administrative level for the past 13 years. Mrs. Yoon started at SCS as an elementary school teacher. While still teaching, Mrs. Yoon became the Elementary Vice-Principal and eventually moved on to become the Elementary and Middle School Principal. She currently serves as the Principal and Director of Education for Southlands Schools International. All her years of service show that Mrs. Yoon is passionate about learning and teaching. Her favorite quote comes from a respected educator by the name of Dr. Rita Pierson. She said, “every child deserves a champion, an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.”


Jessica Ko

SSI Vice Principal


Kindra Leih

SSI Academic Director


Shavon Adams

SSI College Counselor