Study Abroad


Based in a multicultural suburb of Los Angeles, Southlands Schools International (SSI) has educated students from all over the world for over forty years.  In 2011, SSI began offering its high school diploma program in Asia. Over the last eight years, graduates from our program have entered Harvard, Stanford, University of Chicago, Amherst, Claremont, and other elite colleges. SSI offers K-12 programs on numerous campuses around the globe, from which our graduates have gone on to enter UC Berkeley, NYU, Purdue, University of Toronto, University of Sydney, and the City University of London. Beyond sharing curriculum, recruiting and evaluating administrators and teachers, providing ongoing professional development and benefits, and assessing and documenting the academic progress of each enrolled student, SSI also offers transferable SSI credits for courses taken in our high school, summer school and online programs. Students are allowed to transfer these credits between SSI schools, receive a SSI diploma and can be accepted to top colleges in the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe. In addition to twenty two AP courses, SSI also offers dual credit college courses on any participating SSI High School campus, allowing graduates to enter those universities with college credits that go toward their bachelors degree. No matter what country you come from, the SSI team is looking forward to helping you and those you love prepare for and thrive in fulfilling careers in places you have never even imagined.

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