Zhoushan and Southlands

In 2012, Southlands started a partnership with Zhoushan Middle School. The partnership created an international department at the Zhoushan school. It was our second partnership with a school in China.

About the school
Set apart from the commotion of Shanghai, Zhoushan Middle School is situated on a small subtropical island. The school offers a relaxing setting for students to study. With a student body that exceeds 2000, it is one of the most prestigious and famous schools in Zhejiang province.

In the classroom
Through the Southlands partnership, the Zhoushan Middle School International Department offers over 15 distinct courses, with 5 of these being AP courses. Students complete a difficult but rewarding American curriculum. Our program prepares students for university studies and beyond.

For the graduating class of 2017, all the students were admitted to the top 90 universities in the United States or the world, and nearly 70% of the students have been admitted to the top 50 universities.

List of colleges graduates have been accepted to:

Arizona State University
Indiana University
Iowa State University
Juniata College
Marquette University
Miami University
Michigan State University
Pennsylvania State University
Purdue University
Temple University
University of California–Santa Cruz
University of California–Davis
University of California–San Diego
University of California–Santa Barbara
University of Colorado Boulder
University of Delaware
University of Georgia
University of Illinois
University of Iowa
University of New Hampshire
University of South Carolina
University of Waterloo